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Indiana R: 77.051, 76.250, and 73.472 at Fourth Level in his debut, Regiment: 81.528,...

Geronimo R: USDF Region 6 Reserve Champion Prix St Georges and Intermediate I, Indi...

Quintessential Hit: USDF Region 6 Prix St Georges Open Champion, NW Intermediate I Op...

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With great sadness on my part and joy for his new owner, I announce that Valentine AP has sold. He is the most wonderful horse with a character that I doubt that I will ever find again. He is the kindest, most gentle, and most willing horse. He is beautiful, and he is amazing to ride and train. I ...know that he is loved to pieces and that he will bring his new owner lots of joy. I wish them an amazing journey and life together, and I miss him!

I love getting photo updates of my young horses who are growing up in pasture at Karlin Ekberg-Sporthorses! I can't wait for these boys to grow up.

So happy for Alyssa Pitts Dressage. This is the great grandson of Rowillie (Fizzy’s mama), grandson of my wonderful Elsie mare and out of the full sister to my Tweakie. His grandfather was also my fabulous Young Rider horse, Hierarch. Such a special boy. His breeder, Michele Garvey Seaver would so proud. 🦄🦄❤️❤️ Eugenie van Dam Scot Tolman Danielle Koeppen Madeleine Austin

I am so grateful for my amazing horse, Indiana R ("Indy") and for all of my friends and professionals who have supported me in the arena and out of the arena this past year. The grief, burnout, and disillusionment that I have experienced is for another post at another time. Thank you to ...Indy, who has helped me to remember that I'm just a girl who loves her horse(s) no matter what. I look forward to seeing his cheeky face every morning, and I always feel inspired riding him. Below is a video of our last show for the year.

Thank you to all of my team members who are always there for me and my horses: Anya Morozova, Kim Mitchell, Dr Joey Bergevin, Seth Noble, Heather Manuel, Greg Brewer, Mark Rowley, and so many more people at Cedar Meadow Farm who are always supportive and friendly. And thanks to my best friends behind the scenes who have been there for me every step of the way...not sure that any of you want to be mentioned, but I think that you know who you are.

Here's to enjoying a shared love of horses and a community of wonderful people!

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Indy I-1 Sept 2021

Indiana R!! I love this horse to pieces. Here are a couple of clips from a recent lesson. Only 8 years old, and this is all so easy for him. He puts a smile on my face every single day, no matter what.

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Indy August 2021

The one and only Valentine AP showing off his talent and his training at home. This amazing 5 year old has the best temperament and rideability/trainability that I have ever experienced. I do have frozen semen for those looking to breed a beautiful, talented horse with a stellar disposition.

For any of you with last minute breeding needs, we have frozen semen on both Valentine AP and Esperado available. Check out their information here:

New video of my 5 year old Fabregas x Diamond Hit x Regazzoni mare. I'm downsizing, and this beautiful horse is available. She's looking for a wonderful, loving home.

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Filomene July 2020

5 year old Fabregas x Diamond Hit X Regazzoni mare.

I haven't used boots or wraps on my horses for nearly 15 years, as intuitively, I believed that 1) they didn't provide any real protection from tendon or ligament injury, and 2) they interfered with cooling.

Eurodressage just published this article, and it is spot on. A somber article, but it rings true for many, myself included.


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Angelia Bean: "The Horse Business is Tough, But Those Words Don't Even Touch the Surface"

Guest columnist of this week is U.S. dressage trainer Angelia "Ange" Bean from Elverson, PA. She is a USDF L graduate with distinction, as well as a...

Valentine AP and friends enjoying some down time in the pasture! I love seeing my horses out together in the field.

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